Panty Anarchy

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I originally tried making this dress out of kind of stiff silk which was such a terrible idea. Thankfully my friend Victoria deterred me from doing this, and I got some satin on her advice, which looked much better.

This turned out to be more time consuming than I thought it would be, just because I altered the lace (trimmed it and fray checked it), then right when I was about to finish CUT A HOLE IN THE FRONT OF THE DRESS HUUUUUR and had to reverse it uuugh boy. But now I have cute heart patches on my back so that's cool! Also I can't make craft foam wings to save my life, those turned out to be strangely challenging.


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Character Panty Anarchy
Variant Party Dress Episode 12


im30percentTACO you definately caught panty's spunky attitude! LOVE! <3