Exar Kun

Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi



This was for my buddy's 21st birthday, which he wanted to be Star Wars themed. We all chose our own characters and I was on a big Old Republic-era bender at the time, so I chose the dark Jedi Exar Kun.

One shoulder is a plastic plant pot cut in half, with clay for the bone shapes, the other is aluminum duct piping. The necklace and earring were made by a friend of mine, I bought the black robes online, and made the purple cape/robe. I also found someone here in Colorado that makes blue, double-bladed lightsabers, which was really lucky. And this was back when my hair was long and usually dyed black.

The costume largely fell apart that night, so I haven't used it since. Maybe some day I'll remake it.


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Series Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi
Character Exar Kun


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