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Y'know, I originally took on this costume as kind of a joke. My friend regularly wears Xellos, and we thought it would be funny for mortal enemies Xellos and Filia to walk around together.

Hah. The joke was on me. Filia looks pretty easy, but she's a dreadful liar.

The pink "dress" is actually a peasant blouse, a full circle skirt with an elastic waist, and a sash to disguise said elastic waist. When I calculated the circle skirt's outer circumference, and realized how long a strip of fabric (13 yards!) I'd need to ruffle, I went out to eBay and bought a ruffler for my sewing machine. Never let it be said that I'm not lazy. Anyone who makes long strips of ruffles needs one of these things. They are really fun to use, and turn days of aggravation into less than an hour of fun ruffling.

The cloak was made from two layers of white crepe using a process I read about called underlining. It has a full lining of Casa glitter satin. The two layers of crepe were necessary to keep the lining from turning the white cloak into a light purple cloak. I'm afraid I couldn't find any white fabrics that appealed to me which were also heavy enough for one layer to stand up to a purple lining without any showthrough. The cloak is reversible, because who knows when I might want to wear a sparkly purple cloak? *G*

The capelet is attached by large snaps at the front, so is removable. It is also in three layers, but all three are white crepe.

I made the plum bias tape from stretch satin, because I couldn't find any 1" double fold bias tape in the right color. I used stretch satin both because it was the right color, and "it seemed like a good idea at the time." "It'll be stretchier this way," said the little voice in my head, "and it needs to go around ovals and circles! Stretch is ideal!" Never trust the little voice in your head when it says things like that.

The boots were a lucky eBay find.

The hat is a basic cone, made from crepe and heavy interfacing. It has wig clips sewn into it to keep it on my head.

The wig is an Arda Luthien in platinum blonde, straightened with a flat iron.

Lessons learned:

1. A ruffler foot/attachment for one's sewing machine is a lifesaver.

2. While it is possible to make double fold bias tape from stretch satin, the process will drive you into a full-blown fit of the screaming meemies.

-- Corollary: With enough steam, water, and heat, you can get stretch satin to make poor creases and folds. However, they will only last for a short while. After a little wear, the creases will round out again.

3. Underlining a great, big cloak sounds easier than it actually is.

4. Never use superglue on acrylic, unless you really do want your nice, clear acrylic to become cloudy and opaque.

5. Getting the slightly curved conical shape for that insane hat is probably impossible for someone who doesn't have a lot of experience at making weird hats. A basic cone really is the way to go.

-- Corollary: The reason hatmakers reinforce their buckram seams with special wire and tape is partly for structure, and partly because buckram falls apart when wet. To form it into the desired shape, one must wet it.

6. Giant Christmas balls do not belong on one's head.

7. E6000 can cause gold spray paint to bleed and/or run onto whatever you are gluing, even if said gold spray paint has been dry for over two months.


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