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Peter Pan (1953)



I found a lot of people either do the Disney Parks version or a leafy version. My goal was to be as accurate to the Disney version as possible. His colors change drastically throughout the film, but the palate I chose was from the Mermaid Lagoon scene because those felt the most iconic (which was perfect since my friend was making a Neverland Mermaid costume). For the tunic I used a linen because I liked the sort of rough, imperfect quality of it's texture. But that didn't have the right weight to it, so I lined it with a cheap velour. The tights I found after a very long hunt at Walmart for $6. I also bought women's slippers at Walmart for $2.50 and used them as the base for my shoes, covering them in a fine slightly stretchy corduroy. The belt and knife was made with a textured vinyl I had left over from my Prince Philip costume from the year before. My Philip knife and sheath was also perfect for Pan. The wig I got on eBay for $16. I had to trim it here and there and style the big poof in the front. For the hat I had my friend's dad help me install a light to represent Tinker Bell. it's an LED dome light replacement for cars. I put some yellow cellophane over it to give it more of a yellow glow. It's on a mercury switch so that when it's on my head the light is off, but as soon as it's flipped over the light turns on. It's pretty nifty. I got elf ears from my local Halloween store for about $13 and my super talented friend applied and painted them for me. I estimate the costume cost about $105.


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Series Peter Pan (1953)
Character Peter Pan


BatesRoom1 Thanks! Sorry, I'm just now seeing this, but I'm afraid I don't actually have anything helpful to say. I half based it on a shirt I have and half just made it up as I went. Best of luck!

mikechek awesome pan costume!! Where did you get the pattern of the tunic?