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Gwendolyn is probably my favorite character ever. I've been apprehensive to cosplay her; I didn't think I could do her justice or be able to look good as her. But I'm glad I attempted it, and I can't wait to wear it again after I fix some things!
Construction notes:
Guess I'll start from the top.

Wig: The base wig is a white wig I got off of the marketplace, which is pulled back into a ponytail. Then I added a hair bun and a bang extension from Arda in silver. The hairbun (with the braid around it) is sewn into the back of the wig, and the excess hair from the white base wig fills it out from inside to help keep its shape. Then I watercolored the wig to give it some illustrative quality.

Crown/Headband: The crown is made from styrene, two layers, with rhinestones glued with E6000. It's weathered with black acrylic. Also attached to a black headband. The ear feathers are all made from craft foam. They're layered upon each other. Each feather was cut with a twin (so two at a time) so that it would match. It's detailed with scissors, xacto, and a dry ball point to make it look more feather like. Then it's spray painted to give it that gradation. The headband is filled out underneath with white felt. Also makes it more comfortable XD

Choker: Gold vinyl from Joanns. They still had this stuff 4 or so years later, from when I first bought it?? lolol. Closes with grommets in the back.

Arm things: Black stretch satin. White is double layered white taffeta, interfaced, and closes with invisible zipper. Painted with watercolors.

Dress: I draped this dress in muslin on my form. Since my dressform isn't adjustable and is bigger than I am, I did not add any seam allowance when I patterned it from there. The shell/skirt is two layers of taffeta. It's heavily interfaced and has over 30 pieces of steel boning. It's lined with cotton and laces up the back. The center panel is black satin. The pleats are taffeta and the gold on the top is the same vinyl trim as the choker. The skirt is gathered and finished with a rolled hem. After it was done, I painted it with watercolors to give it a more illustrative feel.

Skirt: Dark blue/black two tone taffeta, gathered at side seams. The little thingies at the bottom (for the life of me I cannot remember what these are called XDDD) are vinyl with rhinestones. I'd love to re-make this(and plan to), it needs poof.

Wings: I was beyond excited to make these, and also dreading it. I wanted them to have body. Also they adhere more to her figure designs than her character art. The base is wire, from wire hangers, that I bent out of shape and into elongated U shapes. Then they are attached to a belt. After that, I covered it with the two tone blue taffeta and stuffed it with polyfil. Then I meticulously cut out twin feathers, shaped them, detailed them, and attached them. After they were all on, I spray painted them. After a test, I did a similar thing to craft the duck butt to create the weird butt bustle she has XD

Thigh highs: Stretch black satin, lined, with vinyl satin stitched for the designs.

Leg armor: Styrene, painted with spray paint, and weathered with acrylic. The leg wings are made similarly to the earmuff wings. Armor was shaped when heated.

Shoes: Spray painted boots with styrene armor pieces added.

Titrel: My grandmother's wedding ring!

Psypher Spear: Made by my dad. Staff is wood. Tip is plexiglass, lit with a LED flashlight, painted with candy blue spray paint.

I wanted a really illustrative feel (as I've mentioned many many times), so I thought the foam for the feathers worked well to matching the in-game feel of them. This is also why I watercolored, added rhinestones, used spray paint with two-tone effect, used taffeta, and added watercolor to my wig. I really wanted to try to mimick the in-game art style since it is so beautiful! But I definitely need to make the watercolor more striking for the next wear.
Also I'm super poor so I couldn't afford feathers. loll


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