Saeko Busujima

Highschool of the Dead



The shirt was an old button down shirt altered to be more form fitting.I added the stripes down the side, collar, and bow.

The skirt was made from scratch.

The garterbelt purchased from Fredrick's of Hollywood. The boots I already had.

The purple catchers shin guards were found online -->

The stockings -->

The wig bought and styled-->

The elbow pads -->

The contacts were the second blue pair I bought and these can be worn reversed so the pinwheel lines don't show. They are a more expensive brand but are the most comfortable pair I've purchased. I've now worn them more than once as well.-->

The sword was cut, sanded, and worked down from a training sword to be thinner and more katana shaped. The hilt made of acrylic and epoxyed.

The scabbard was a friend's old katana one that was touched up. I used red shoelaces for the string work on it.

The fingerless gloves, totally forgot to bring to the con, were purchased from spencer's for an earlier costume.


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Series Highschool of the Dead
Character Saeko Busujima


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