Gwen Stacy

The Amazing Spider-Man



Things learned while making this costume... old comic book artwork has absolutely NO consistency (I swear to God the length of her coat changes every other panel). In the end, I decided to simply stick with the bare basics and pick fickle things (like the shade of green for her coat) at my own discretion. I also looked up old fashion photos and experimented with different texture fabrics for a more period accurate feel.

Boots- A lucky find at a thrift store (seriously, I paid four bucks for them!)
Coat- Lime green cotton broadcloth and lime green acetate for the lining (pattern drafted by me)
Necklace- A old necklace of my mom's from the 1970's (she gave it to me several years ago, so I didn't have to steal it for the cosplay)
Skirt- Purple corduroy (pattern drafted by me).
Top- Black stretch turtleneck (already owned).

Make-up and wig styling were done by me as well.


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Series The Amazing Spider-Man
Character Gwen Stacy


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