Elizabeth Comstock

Bioshock Infinite



Elizabeth Comstock from Bioshock Infinite. This is one of the most detailed recreations of a costume I have ever made. I wanted it to look as similar to the costume in the game as possible, which meant dying all of my fabric, sewing down the pleats to make them look neater, and making a shirt from scratch in order to make sure it had pintucks in the front (just like in the game).
I need to make a few repairs: the home made buttons fell to pieces after only a day, or are losing their gold paint. Still, I think this is one the best costumes I've ever made, and very accurate too. The only thing that's inaccurate perhaps is the height of the boots- but I wasn't going to buy a new pair of slightly higher boots just for Malta Comic Con
I'd love to do a proper photoshoot wearing this costume: just need to find somewhere that looks like Colombia


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Series Bioshock Infinite
Character Elizabeth Comstock
Variant First costume


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