Fay D. Flourite

Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle



This is a dream costume of mine. ;_; I've been studying and planning and patterning for the topcoat for what feels like ages - so now it's finally time to get to work!

Construction details:

Lower white coat: I actually didn't have time to finish it for the con, so my friend let me borrow hers! It worked perfectly!

Middle blue coat: I used suiting and medium-weight interfacing, and lined it with the same suiting. That was a bad idea because the fabric is stretchy, so it was a pain to keep in line with the stiff outer-layer, but it worked out in the end!

The white bits is short-haired fur from Hancocks. I modified a pattern for the actual coat, and made my own pattern for the lapels.

The sash and arm-band is also suiting, and the gold buckle on the sash was made from two things of yellow sculpey, painted gold. The gold pieces near the bottom of the coat are craft foam, primed and painted gold.

Kurogane's coat was made in a very similar fashion, with the same fabrics involved. :')

Top white coat: Ohhh boy, what a trip. I made up the entire thing as I went, starting with the outer layer, which was made of white fleece. I would pin it all together and cut things until I felt it looked right. XD As soon as I had my "pattern" of sorts, I attached a layer of white cotton to each fleece piece so it wouldn't stretch. Then, I also cut out lining, which was blue bridal satin to match the shade of my blue coat.

To make the designs, I pinned tracing paper to each piece of my coat, starting with the back piece, and used the artbook picture of Fay's coat as a reference to sketch the designs out.

Once I had all the designs figured out, I cut them out of the tracing paper and transferred them to white cotton sateen.

I interfaced each piece (which was a bad idea, because they peeled apart during the dyeing process, so it was just a time-waster :'c) because I thought it would help keep some structure in the coat. Boo.

Then I bought some blue fabric dye (I bought three different shades, but I wish I had bought the other two that were there, because one of the ones I got turned out to be purple! Guh!) and got a paint brush and painted the gradient on by hand.

The painting took up an entire day on its own, working from 12 PM to 12 AM. Phew. I left them out to dry overnight, and then it was crunch time. I only had a day left until the convention, so I ended up hot-gluing all the designs onto the coat. It actually worked out really well, and they didn't peel off, and I was happy that there were no seams. However, there was a bit of fraying along the edges, which is a problem I'll have to fix now that the con is over. XD

The fur on the top coat is from distinctive fabrics. I bought 3 yards but definitely could have gotten away with only 2.

I think that's about it for now! Whenever I actually fully finish and fix up everything, hopefully I can add some more details. :D

If anyone has any questions, feel free to message me!


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KnightJeran I really really love your Fai! Thank you so much for being so detailed in your description, I really really had no idea what to do! I love how you hand dyed your gradient and your wig is LOVERLY! Such an awesome Fai cosplay!