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FYI, those are my real prescription glasses. I'm so excited to actually be able to see perfectly in a costume and not have to squint to make out signs XD

Ordered from Taobao. Not the perfect colour like I thought it would be, but its not bad. I'll dye it with some pink sharlpies when I have a chance, so it becomes that nice pinky purple. :)

Many layers of craft foam, tape, etc that was paper mache'd for strength and then painted. Wooden decals were added for the rivets.

Various bargain fabrics, except the shirt is actually a satin with the wrong side facing out. In these cases, I went for accurate colour instead of accurate fabric.

Vinyl covering an existing belt of mine, and the bag was made from scratch as well as the shoulder straps.

Drafted a pattern for boot covers, then realized that the covers wouldn't work.... so I found some old flip flops of mine that I hot glued and sewed the vinyl covers onto. They work. Not 100% perfect, but I do like them a lot for my first time making honest to goodness boots from scratch.

JAN 13: Ordered the wig from Taobao. Its perfect. I'm so excited!
As of FEB 12th: I've started the helmet, it needs a few layers of Paper Mache before I can paint it. Also my wig arrived earlier this week so i cut and styled it :)


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Kidd S Zeal drop dead amazing Lucca!