Seras Victoria




Blue fabric is a poly twill blend which I bought on chance without first getting a swatch and I was super lucky with it! These are the easiest sleeves I've ever sewn in haha.
All my black fabric; tie, armband, skirt, were scraps left over from various costumes I made in the past which was quite nice!

Wanted to complete all the details on her uniform that I didn't have the time for on the blood version I did a couple years ago - cuffs on the sleeves, belt loops, proper pocket style, and cuffs on my boots. Also made my tie though it's a bit too long.
Wig needs to be restyled please ignore!
Flag was made in the hotel room lol I should probably get the lettering on there!


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Series Hellsing
Character Seras Victoria
Variant Museum Tour Guide


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