Sister of Battle

Warhammer 40,000



After many long discussions and changing cosplays like several times a week, a conclusion had finally been made.
The idea of STRength cosplay had to be put away, because the mechanical arms would have been very difficult to carry and reduce my mobility a lot. Besides, my boyfriend got so annoyed making finger joints, he offered me something cooler instead.
Not that this idea wasn't discussed between us before, it actually was in our plans long time ago, even if it was just a dream back then. Since my man cosplayed Inquisitor Lord from Warhammer, well... why wouldn't I fancy being his tiny lovely companion?
This cosplay was quite a challenge, I even learned to use sewing machine for the sake of this project being tackled well (don't laugh at me). But I love results in the end.

It was a bit uncomfortable and hot to wear it, and me and my boyfriend accidentally slammed into each other numerous times, forgetting that we're armoured beasts and we're broader than usual. Yet I managed to do many things with all this on, including taking care of my poor overheating Inquisitor Lord, and posing at the hall all day long on minimal liquid supplies (and believe me you have to drink much in such costume to prevent overheating). Also this must be my only costume where I used colored contact lenses. Found out that they cause much discomfort and aren't actually as important in general shots; worth something only on close-up, which I hardly ever pose to. Yet overall this costume got SO MUCH positive attention that I am really pleased to have been a Daughter of the Emperor accompanying Inquisitor Lord himself.

This is also my first costume that was welcomed so positively that I even participated in a professional photoshoot with it. The weather wasn't as collaborating as we hoped it to be, and I had a horrible cold afterwards, but the pictures were worth it all! Thank you once again, dear photographers!


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Series Warhammer 40,000
Character Sister of Battle


vipercool Awesome costume! I Love It! : D though i must ask, what did you do for material and paint? XP

Hopie amazing work!!

Tsunehito. It's so awesome! I love it *___*