Misa Amane

Death Note



-Misa is hands-down one of the most fashionable girls in anime. I wanted her wardrobe so badly, and with cosplay, that can happen!

Sarah Nibley Photography: https://www.facebook.com/SarahNibleyPhotography/

-The jacket started as a grey-blue suit jacket from the thrift store that I altered. I dyed it slightly blue-er and hand painted on the stripes. The buttons were taken off, painted with nail polish, then sewn back on. The sleeves were slashed and the edges zig-zagged and I made and sewed on the patches. The large pins were purchased in the dealer's room.

-The skirt and gloves were patterned and sewn by me out of a 2-way stretch pvc.

-The choker was made by me. It velcroed in the back and had hand-hammered eyelets.

-The torn leg-warmers were made by me out of black stretch knit.

-The earrings were made by me, I couldn't find cross charms that fit what I was looking for, so I went with bling-tastic fleur-de-lis charms instead. They were attached to clip-on bases because I do not have pierced ears.

-The wig was my old Edward Elric wig that I re-styled.

-The necklace, fishnets, and boots were purchased.


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Series Death Note
Character Misa Amane
Variant blazer art work


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