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Oh man... I don't think anyone who grew up with Sailor Moon can put into words just how much they love it. But heck, I DO love it very much!

I avoided the idea of cosplaying as anyone from Sailor Moon for several years because I did not feel I had the skill or confidence to pull off any of the characters that I liked. I was eventually eased into the idea of cosplaying as the characters after being asked by Ammie to model the fukus she had made on various occasions.

Luna has always been a character I've really liked, so her human form has been a dream costume of mine for several years. I was originally asked to be Moon for a group that Straywind, Ammie and Pan-Chan had been planning, but after a while I realized that it was more important to me to accomplish something that had been a personal goal for me.

The yellow dress was made from a satin, and the pattern for the dress was one that I came up with by drafting the hankerchief skirt and fusing it with dress bodices I had from older New Look and McCall's patterns. The black sheer fabric for the underskirt is a polyester fabric that I made into a skirt using circle skirt tutorials as a reference. The flowers were made of layered black tulle sewn onto the dress with some beads.
I made the jewelry myself: the moon charms were all made from sculpey and hand-painted. I attached the earrings onto older clip-earring backs I had, and used online tutorials on how to make rosary bead necklaces to figure out how to attach the beads onto the necklace and anklet chains. My hair clips were glass beads and faux pearls I already had that I glued onto bobby pins. The bow choker was made from ribbon with snap buttons at the back so that I wouldn't have to constantly fuss with tying a perfect bow everytime I put on this costume. The moon jewel for my forehead was from Ammie, she apparently has a huge bag of acrylic jewel charms from a craft store so she was nice enough to paint one for me. :)
My wig came from TheFiveWits and I LOOOOVE it! I did actually trim it considerably, though. When I first tried it on it was down to my butt and I decided to trim it to about my mid-back for easier maintenance.

Overall, this costume is one of my favourites that I've ever done, and it was a big part of why I had such a wonderful time at Anime North this year! :)


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