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Moana is definitely my new favorite Disney girl. I play her in a Princess party company wearing a store-bought classic costume. I knew I'd eventually make my own so I bought my own wig on Amazon, and made a flower crown, and then a year later I was able to start working on this beauty. This is the outfit she wears in the last scene of the movie, and the cape was added as it is on the collector's edition doll. After some research I realized it's made of feathers, much like Tahitian chiefs wear. I ordered about 1000 feathers online (only used about 80% of it), and started with the cape in case I needed to order more. Patterned a cape, created feather trim and sewed it all on. I initially was skimpy with the feathers but that ended up being more work in the end adding feathers in bare areas. The top was made from a Simplicity vintage pattern and covered in feathers. The skirt was made with a base skirt of burlap looking fabric, and then I cut up raffia grass table skirts - painting the bottom layer red with watered down acrylic (it was harder than it seems!) and hand sewing them on and gluing excess underneath to fill it out. The skirt even has pockets! The leaves on the skirt are just fabric with acrylic paint. I bought PVC to make her oar but didn't have time for Phoenix Comic Fest.


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gypsy_girl Beautiful work. The pictures are wonderful.