Princess Zelda

The Legend of Zelda



The Zelda cartoon is a guilty pleasure for me. Ever since I became a Zelda fan, I also fell in love with the cartoon, even though it's bad for the most part. But hey, that was the late 80's, in which I like to call it, "80's corn".

This cosplay was made with multiple fabrics such as cotton, peach skin, and pleather. I am happy with the result despite the rush I had to deal with in preparation for Planet Comicon.

The accessories are made with foam and worbla, even the crown. I attempted to make the crown with clay, but it fell apart during the baking process. That was when worbla came to the rescue!!

Cons this costume appeared at:
Planet Comicon 2018


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Series The Legend of Zelda
Character Princess Zelda


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