Wilbell voll Erslied




Finally, my favorite character from Atelier Ayesha come to life!

This is the second outfit I made with Marie Hawke (390409) and way more complex than the previous. It involves a dozen or so different pieces, custom shoes, an enormous amount of iron-on detail, pintucks, a custom hat, a custom hoop skirt, miles of bows, and oodles of bias tape. And a huge wiccan-style broom, too!

To make it even better? We made two. Yes, really. The second one is fitted for Marie, of course. It took about 8 weeks total of work to make both, though a lot of that time was spent doing the hard part: learning countless sewing and crafting techniques that we had never used before, from gathers to pintucks.

All the gold detail is done using Cricut iron-on vinyl.

Special thanks to AmbypomCosplay for a lot of inspiration: she made a Wilbell for Katsu 2016 and seeing photos of it gave us a lot of the motivation we needed to go all the way with an outfit like this!


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Series Atelier
Character Wilbell voll Erslied
Variant Atelier Ayesha version


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