Trent Boyett

South Park



Trent Boyett made his debut in the show South Park in the episode entitled "Pre-school".
The story behind the character- When Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman were in pre-school they would play a game called "Fireman" where they would pretend to be firemen and put out an imaginary fire by urinating on it. One day, they asked the class bully Trent Boyett to start a real fire so they could put it out. The fire got out of control and ending up severly burning their pre-school teacher Ms. Clairedge. To avoid getting into trouble, the boys blamed the fire on Trent and he was sent to Juvenile Hall. 5 years later, Trent was released and went back to South Park to get his revenge on the boys.

The cosplay is just a black wifebeater tanktop, a sleeveless red flannel shirt and a pair of black jeans


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Character Trent Boyett


AlaizabelCray I hope you get around to doing this one! That episode was so funny!