Princess Zelda

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild



This cosplay was on a whim. Knovice was selling hers and I loved every little detail she put into it. I relate to Zelda and I love her so much in Breath of the Wild, I would only make sense to take up my friend's offer and cosplay this variant.

Cosplay made by knovicecosplay on Instagram. I also borrowed her boots

Hair pins were purchased from KorovCreations on Etsy. Unfortunately, I had ordered the 3D printed ones instead of the ones that came with bobby pins attached. To fix this, I glued them to the hair pins so they'd stick better.

Wig was purchased from ebay and styled by TricksterRedux. I use this same wig for my other BotW variant for Zelda. Later on, she also made a detachable hair braid of the same color for me to put on to match Zelda's braid in the game.

Gold belt and pouch was made as a commission by RenxDoll on Instagram

Unfortunately this was super late notice when I went to Hanadoki Con so I'm changing up my cosplay a bit. I ordered some basic brown boots off Amazon, took some grey fabric I bought at Hanadoki, and hot glued it to the inside of the boots. I then painted them to match Zelda's design and used two buttons I got from Joanne to glue them to the sides. For the Triforce, I cut out the shape with craft foam, glued the fabric to it and traced over it to give it depth. I may or may not have burned tf outta my fingers in the process lmao. I also painted the middle of the boots with acrylic paint and sealed it with mod podge.

I later on sewed and glued a fancy button then covered it with the same fabric used for the shirt to the collar. I then also and got some yellow fabric to wrap around the bottom of the blue sleeves. By doing this, I remade the sleeves with the help of knovicecosplay. I use elastic to keep on the white portion of the sleeves on my arms.

TricksterRedux went ahead and made a braid headband for me that I wear with this costume. For the pouch, I commissioned TerminaCosplay to remake the golden belt for me and modified the bag it a bit. And for the under bust belt, I use the same one that Termina Cosplay made me for my white dress variant.

As for the brown belt, I took on the challenge of making it on my own with some helpful advice from knovice. I used the original belt as a pattern and taped together craft foam sheets, as I didn't have any that were long enough for the whole thing. I then covered it with the first layer of a pleather light brown fabric and proceeded to use a pen to draw out the pattern of the belt using reference images (since the original belt's design wasn't accurate). After that, I used some puffy paint to trace over it to give it depth before covering it with another layer of the same fabric and hot gluing it directly on the design so it stuck out through the fabric. Finally I painted the whole thing a darker brown and with a lighter brown, traced over the designs to make them more visible. To keep it on my body, I also put Velcro on both sides so it fits nice and snug!

To keep the Sheikah Slate in place, I purchased a holder from PrepareYourOwnProps on etsy that slips on my belt that can hold it.

Elf ears were purchased from AradaniStudios on etsy and kept on with spirit gum.

Later on, I got a new wig from Epic Cosplay as well as a new braid that were styled by and constructed by TricksterRedux. I got Eros in Caramel Blonde for this. I also went with painting the tips of my shoes silver/gray instead of just fabric since it kept peeling off during ALA. ;.;


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