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I was supposed to be in a group of LOL Popstars based off an artists group designs, so this is not intended to be her official skin.

This was my first time making a hat, but it was less hard than I imagined it'd be. I used thick foamie covered in fabric and I sewed 2 bobby pins to the underside so it could easily be pinned to a wig.

Ears are made of faux fur glued to the back of white foamie that was painted with glittery pink paint.

The dress and jacket aren't very suitable fabrics imo, but they were bought in bulk so everyone in the group would have matching colors. I still need to remake both for the next time i wear this cosplay.

The tails were a literal pain my my ass (and lower back.) I used coiled wire inside of 4ft long tails filled with quilt batting. Each wire was mounted to a wooden block in a circle with tail in the middle. I made a cushion to velcro over the harness straps and bolted belt loops, but the weight was not evenly distributed enough.

The harness to support the wood bock and tails was rushed and badly patterned. it wasn't tight enough to keep the belts connecting it to the block in place either. My friend had recommended leather strips for the belts, which was a poor idea lol. The leather stretched an extra 3-5 in because of the pulling weight, so things only got more uncomfortable as the day went on. I'll probably do a trial run with paracording or at least a twill tape instead next time.


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