Kingdom Hearts 2



Budget cost: 41$
zipper: 17$ (bought on etsy- orgxIII)
costume pleather: 4 yards- 17$
spool beads: 2$
pull chain: 5$
I referenced a pattern from Tallus-Rip on Deviantart (I can no longer find a link to it) and applied a few moderation's to the back and front, to make it more accurate.In game shots were also used as reference.

The piping is 1/8 inch thick rope, wrapped in pleather. It was meticulous to make but looks great in photos. I put the pockets on the curve of the waist because I felt it looked more flattering. The pockets are fully functional.

+The zipper was bought from orgXIII on Etsy. I applied a extra inch to the opening of the coat and folded them under. The opening was lined with interfacing to avoid stretching. I recommend using a leather footer for this obnoxious zipper, rather then a standard zipper footer.

+I bought wooden spool beads from Micheals. They were painted and sealed with Mod Podge. They are connected with pieces of chain and hook onto the coat with large Lobster Claw ends. The pull strings are ceiling fan pull chains, which I bought at Home Depot.

Bought from Arda wigs, Magnum in Ginger blonde. I've had this wig for 4 years, but have never really used it, so it is in good shape. I bought extra extensions to add more hair on the top. I used GOTB glued hairspray and gel for the teasing. I wanted this to be more feathered and natural, rather then heavily spiked.
Difficulty: 5/5


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Series Kingdom Hearts 2
Character Roxas
Variant Organization XIII coat


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