Ramona Flowers

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World



My very first cosplay - this was partly sewn by me and partly compiled from my closet.

What I made:
I sewed the pink shorts from a pink bottom weight fabric.
My friend had a light blue wig and I dyed it darker blue, cut, and styled it.
I made the GIANT HAMMER from a broom handle, a cardboard box and foam brackets I created inside the box to stabilize the handle.
The pride and joy of this costume was Ramona's star purse which I sewed with a lot of guidance from my friend. We created our own pattern and used pink vinyl and blue vinyl plus some cardstock inside to stabilize the circle shape.

From my closet: grey pleather jacket, black hooded long sleeve shirt, black boots, purple tights, black studded belt, scott pilgrim plushie.

I based the costume on the cover of the 5th volume of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

Overall it was super fun to wear. My friend cosplayed Roxy and we were stopped for a ton of pictures.


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Series Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
Character Ramona Flowers


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