Sword Art Online II



Spent about 90 hours making this costume. Used a bottom weight, green fabric for the dress to give it a more combat feel. Used a shiny gold fabric to make the bias tape and applique to give it a fantasy look. I made the armor out of Worbla--my first experience with armor-making. D-rings and Velcro were used to attach the straps to the Worbla. The tail is blue fur fabric wrapped around a giant pipe cleaner--an elastic bad wraps around my waist and holds the tail in place. The ears are made with a base of craft foam and wire, covered with the same blue fur fabric and pink fleece for the inner ear--ears are attacked to the wig with snap clips. <br /&gt;n<br /&gt;nThe bow was a toy bow I bought on eBay and altered and painted. The arrows are junior-size arrows bought at Dick's and painted. I used Worbla to make the arrowheads.

I adore Sinon, so I was extremely happy to make this costume, and sad that you actually don't see much of Sinon in Alfheim.


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Series Sword Art Online II
Character Sinon
Variant ALO


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