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I can call Dir en Grey 'Calendar 2000' photoshoot a kind of 'dream cosplay', not because of Kyo image, but because I just adore this look of Toshiya. I've always wanted to see the perfect realisation of this image and finally my dream has come true. And the fact that I've managed to take part in this realisation makes me even happier.

Making of this costume wasn't long because I was lucky to have a suit similar to Kyo's one, but nonetheless Kaiten and me found and made all necessary details by ourselves. Though making demanded just a few days of work.

Photoshoot took part in July 2015 in Novosibirsk. Thanks to my Toshiya for being so gorgeous, Kaoru for taking and editing these great photos and Kaiten for help during the making and the photoshoot itself.


@Camui Tooru
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Series Dir En Grey
Character Kyo
Variant Calendar 2000


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