I actually made this in only 2 weeks, so its not perfect or complete. But i am very proud of it nonetheless.

I used a cheap teal satin for the bodice and drafted the pattern on a dressform with 6 channels for plastic boning. Then I hot glued 3 shades f iridescent craft paper in 5 different sizes per color onto the bodice. That took quite some time! I added the final touches of rectangular rhinestones. In the future I may add more details with small round stones or something.

The skirt was made with casa satin. I love the shape I was abel to get out of it's patterning, but I wish I had made the 2 front panels into 1. It would of looked much smoother without the extra seamline. In the future Id like to add another sheer later with metallic threads to capture the magic of Elsa's skirt.

The sheer undershirt was a white mess that I had to dye several times with acrylic paint. It is splotchy in some areas, but it's not noticeable while wearing it. I tried several ways of applying glitter to it. And while they looked nice initially, They didn't stand up well after 3 wears and I need to think of a better method.

The cape is made of a light blue mesh that I actually think is intended as knit interfacing lol. But its light and sheer like I wanted! it flows great i the wind, but I wonder if i should get something more structured like organza? Because of my indecisiveness, I havent added any of the cape's glitter detailing.

I got the base shoes from a thrift store and added white foamie to the heels and toes. Then I cut out the snowflake shapes with an exactoknife and pained them all light blue.

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