Neo Queen Serenity

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon



They say the third time is the charm.

I love this dress and I want it to be perfect.

Break Down:

I drafted the pattern for this by Frankenstein-ing together the bodice of Butterick B5325 Pattern and the skirt from a McCalls P245. I then cut out the skirt and bodice in white bridal satin, and then two layers of white bridal chiffon. I scalloped the top of the bodice and sewed it together to begin beading it. Much like the dress previous, I made the circles using an embroidery hope, I used a layer of chiffon and a layer satin so tie the bodice and skirts together. I strung pearls and crystal 3mm faceted glass beads, stitching them to the gem decorated trim before sewing it to the bodice. All the details were hand sewn to the gown. After pleating and gathering the skirts, I sewed the skirts together with the bodice and proceeded hand scatter two packages of aurora borealis Swarovski crystals to the middle layer of the skirts. Once the skirts were attached I sewed the last set of pearls on.

These were made using satin remnants, sheer organza, blanket binding, bridal mesh and cotton padding. I made what can best be described as arm corsets and four little round pillow. I then stitched a large pearl to the center of each before gathering a length of satin casing into a spiral. These were then stitched to the bands. Between each pillow I added two lengths of satin and organza to make the ribbon like features on the bands.

This was something I had trouble with the last time. I made the tails by layering chiffon and organza and rolling the hem. The actual bow is organza and jewelry wire, to maintain it's shape. I made a U shape that slides into pockets on the inside of the back of the gown.


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Series Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
Character Neo Queen Serenity
Variant Manga


Naudae What a breathtakingly gorgeous cosplay! I only wish I had half as much sewing talent as you. This is incredibly well done!!

Syon Oh my good, all those details, all those perls... it looks beautiful, but I can imagine how nightmarely long it must have taken to put everything in place.

Maurishio-kun You've definitely improved a lot when it comes to this character, specially in the jewelry.

AkiJudaichan I can't wait to see what this looks like finished.

AlaizabelCray It's fun to take old cosplays and make them even better. The mockup looks good so far!

KitoCosplay Looks wonderful so far. Keep it up! You make a great Queen Serenity

LinkPwnsGanon Hope this version comes out as the way you want it! :D

Elycium The mockup is looking good so far. I'm looking forward to seeing this progress!