1930s Wedding Dress


What happens when two cosplayers get married? That’s right, we had a themed wedding. We were toying with Victorian, Medieval (which would be easy to incorporate Skyrim), or the 1930s.

When my husband and I decided on the 1930s for the theme for our wedding I started looking at vintage wedding dresses and elegant gowns from movie stars of the era. When I decided on a design I started to look for a pattern. I couldn’t find one. It took a lot of adapting, problem solving, and some cursing to get everything how I wanted it. This is only the second dress I’ve made and my third major project. Totally worth it.

Skirt – McCall’s 7047 the pattern is for stretch material; bridal satin is not stretchy nor did I want elastic all the way around my waist. I settled on an elastic gathering at centre back. It also helped created that nice slick silhouette. To get the scallops at the edge of the lace to be the bottom edge I had to open up the lace and adapt things to keep the nice edging.

Bodice – Butterick 5731 and Simplicity 1910 – I wanted a sweetheart neckline with a corset back. I had no idea if I’d lose weight or gain weight leading up to my wedding and wanted to be flexible.

Lace top – McCall’s 7047. Again to get the look I wanted I had to adapt it. The back I wanted a slight opening like a tear drop or key hole. It wasn’t fitting the way I wanted so I cut it out a couple of sizes bigger and then pinned it where I wanted it. Fit perfectly. To create the opening at the back the lace stopped where the corset loops were. So the middle back panel had just the purple satin and the corset ties.

Sleeves – I looked online how to make flutter sleeves. Again to get the nice scalloped edging of the material along the sleeve, I had to get creative with the pattern.

Veil - My mom made it. She crocheted the lace and hand stitched it in place.

Being the seamstress and the model was interesting at times. I don’t have a dress form. There were times my mom and brother had to help me pin and take pictures of the back of the dress for me. They’re awesome.
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Character 1930s Wedding Dress

gypsy_girl Thank you very much.

Errowyn Both your dress and you look beautiful! Congratulations on your wedding! :)