CosplayerGabi as Riding Matron

Riding Matron


Cosplayer: CosplayerGabi
Look at this fabric. How could I not buy it? It was purchased at that Ohco’s sale I harp on about. When I picked it out I knew I wanted it to be some kinda fantasy or historical coat. McCalls 6819 View A looked like a great coat. I don’t watch it so couldn’t place it at the time but it’s meant to be OUAT Snow White in view B.
I only had 3.5 yards of the main fabric when I needed 5. It also has a LARGE design so that means it needs to be matched up. So I had to get really creative on where I placed the pattern to make sure it didn’t look awkward and that everything was as symmetrical as possible. If you’ve tried matching up plaids and such you have an idea of how tedious that is. You have to be so careful. I used the same trick I did on my Victorian outfit by partially drawing on my paper pattern to help match up the design. Annoying, but it has to be done to make sure you don’t end up doing all that work to have it look odd.
Happily the other two fabrics (liner and shirt) in this are also from my stash and also both from Ohco’s so I didn’t have to buy anything new for the coat aside from the closures. I was so pleased to find that crinkle fabric for my shirt just sitting there waiting for me.
The pants are some jeggings I found last minute at Wal-Mart of all places. I added hooks and eyes on them to attach them to the coat. The boots are from my Attack on Titan costume. The tiara is from my LOTR days. Super yay for getting to use expensive costume parts again.