Samurai Mulan

Skirtzzz Disney Dressphere Project



Original design by Skirtzzz.

Originally, I was going to cosplay Festival Go-er Lilo (I may do so in the future), but I fell in love with the Samurai Mulan Redux design at first sight.

This cosplay was a joy to make as well as a learning experience. It was my first time making armor as well as midriff baring outfit. I am very pleased with both outfit and boost of confidence.

The armor was made with vinyl and bias tape via a similar process to how one would make Kyoshi Warrior armor. There is a very helpful tutorial that I referenced on deviantart for the process. ( The main difference between my armor and the armor in the tutorial is the backing. I used vinyl instead of plastic matting since I wanted my armor to be very bendable, especially for the arms and legs. All the armor is snapped to the base outfit with medium and small sized snaps. I should have used medium to large snaps instead of the small ones since they do not hold well.

The base outfit was rather simple and made from a cotton bedsheet. The top is a v-neck wrap top and the skirt is a quarter circle skirt. The leggings were made from a jersey knit and the socks and shoes were thrifted.

Though the cosplay isn't 100% complete, I am very excited to finish it and wear it to Sakura-con 2013. ^_^


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Series Skirtzzz Disney Dressphere Project
Character Samurai Mulan
Variant Redux Outfit


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