Saeko Busujima

Highschool of the Dead



i love this character! she is so awesome! and i love the anime so i figured why not! though the costume is a BIT rough/rushed it's turning out better than i had expected so far! =)
also this was only the second costume that i actually made (not insluding GUMI but i did that mainly for everyday wear)

EDIT: i would have group photos of everyone from the HOTD shoot at Ohayocon 2013 BUT apparently when i say "hey will you take a picture with my camera?" i mean "hey will you take a picture of everyone to the right of me and only get a bit of my arm?" SO... yeah. if i ever wear this costume again i'll be sure to get more pics but i'll most likely just do the tank top version. it seems more comfortable and less done by everyone else (not that i ACTUALLY mind but i felt a bit inadequate(sp) next to the other Saeko cosplayers..) ^-^


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Series Highschool of the Dead
Character Saeko Busujima
Variant Survival outfit


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