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My Lara Croft costume from the new Tomb Raider game. I'm calling this is 1.0 version as it's from the beginning of the Turning Point Trailer before the Endurance gets shipwrecked. There's definitely some things still to be done and things to be changed (especially now that I'm seeing how the costume looks on camera). Version 2.0 with weapons and injuries will be coming soon!

Top: Bought at for $5 at Goodwill. Though it has a bluish tint to it, that while I think harkens back to classic Lara, doesn't quite fit the new game, as her tank top has more of a greyish hue. I think I might dye it. The white tank top was also a $5 cami from Marshalls.

Pants: Caramel-coloured cargo pants that I bought off Ebay (after trying on a pair too large at Marshall's two years ago). I'm debating whether or not to dye them as I'm not sure whether they're the right colour or not. Also thinking about putting in some buttons on the back of the pants to keep the pockets from flipping up.

Belt: Borrowed from a friend. I'll be buying my own soon (hopefully from Goodwill so it already has that broken in, slightly distressed look).

Boots: Oh do I have a history with those boots. The game used Timberland Charles Street boots as the model, and while there were a bevy of them on Ebay UK, there were none my size. I saw a pair of Timberland Dusseldorf boots (which are similar, just taller, like Lara's classic boots). I fell in love. Then started a two-year relationship of buying ones too small on Ebay UK, searching, bidding again, being sniped, repeat, repeat, until about a month ago I found a pair on Ebay US in my size! I snatched those beauties up in a heartbeat! While they may not be screen accurate, my goodness do I love them. They fit perfectly, very stable, and they're real outdoor boots, not the flimsy fashion crap that would fall apart after a good jaunt in the woods.

Necklace: I used 3mm braided leather cord from Hobby Lobby (I got 2 packages). It's actually in two sections as the cord wasn't long enough to do a true wraparound. The pendant is a New Zealand Maori koru as a temporary fix until I can get a proper phoenix pendant cast.

Phone: My regular smartphone and red earbuds that I just picked up on the cheap at Walmart.


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