Blake Belladonna




This was my second cosplay, and was made in three days (Gambol Shroud included). Accordingly, it has quite a few major issues. Both the shorts and Gambol Shroud will be remade at some point, the boot cuffs will be made, the gradient on the tights will be redone, and the symbols will be painted on the tights.
***The shorts were remade and the symbols painted onto the tights for Fanime 2014**

That aside, I patterned the entirety of this costume from scratch, and everything is fully lined (with the exception of the sleeve). The armband is made from Wonderflex and spray painted silver, and the bow is just fabric with two layers of interfacing mounted on a normal headband. I got the shoes ages ago on Ebay and, since they were a cream color, spray painted them black.

I loosely followed HeroTetsuro's tutorial for Gambol Shroud- this is the second prop I have ever made (PeppermintMuse's Myrtenaster being the first) and under such a tight deadline it didn't turn out very well. The blade is pine and the body and scabbard are primarily cardboard, Bondo and Wonderflex. Painted with Rust-oleum and weathered with acrylic paint.


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