Souryuu / Sohryu

Yami no Matsuei (Descendants of Darkness) • 闇の末裔



I took my time with this one though I did rush the fabric build. The only colour I had to go on was his hair from one lone colour illustration.

Crown was made with wire, Wonderflex and Apoxie Sculpt. The pins are wood dowels I used a wood burning tool to carve the details in.

The sword was a wood practice Jian sword I found and added Apoxie Sculpt to for the details. The sheath was completely made to match with cardboard, vinyl, and Apoxie Sculpt.

The artwork as an aged metal texture looks the match the crown and sword. So I used a gold Gator vinyl and stitched the piping on the outer robe and obi panel. I finish sewing at 7:30 am the first day of the con.

All from eBay/china. I was looking for brocade fabrics to match the B&W art but with a plan in mind to have a bit of a gradient of shades from white, blue, silver to black and gold.

Made my obi patterns and front panels.

The robes where modified off of the Simplicity 4080 Misses Costumes pattern. The sleeves were also elongated at the shoulder and flipped to match a more Hanfu style sleeve.

The otter robe shoulders are reinforced with three layers Buckram to keep the trim from compressing the fabric.

Epic Cosplay Dark Blue ASTERIA- 50" wig and 2 of them (it got them on a wicked flash sale for $36 each). I original work on making his ridiculous 90'd tall bangs, but once I was finished, I hated how they look so I re-sewed in the original ones. So much wasted effort there. lol


I competed as a Journeyman as Artisan is not a category in most US con's.


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Series Yami no Matsuei (Descendants of Darkness) • 闇の末裔
Character Souryuu / Sohryu
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Karitsa I love this and I love you. Wish we could have cosplayed Yami no Matsuei together again!!