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This cosplay was made for PAX Prime 2014, where Bethesda was promoting the release of Evil Within (Psychobreak).

When I found out the director of Resident Evil (Shinji Mikami) was involved in a new horror game, I knew I had to make a cosplay from it! I have previously cosplayed 2 Res Evil characters (Crimson Head & Lisa Trevor) and plan to do more in the future.

The Keeper (Boxman/Boxhead) was made during 2 all-nighters and on the Saturday at the con. I have since updated the tenderizer, making a smaller one that's closer to correct scale.

I'll go through the components of the cosplay:


This is a very low-sew cosplay. The apron and bag were both made from the same bedsheet. The apron was cut from a shape I more or less had from my Butcher cosplay from Silent Hill. The apron's only sewing was to connect the ties to the back of the apron. The giant grommets that the rope goes through came from a curtain I got at Value Village (second hand/thrift shop) cheaply. The grommets were eased in and then glue-gunned in place. The rope was tied through to hang from the neck. Afterward I spray-painted and bloodied the apron in order to quickly age it. The bag has the most sewing: it was sewn very simply by cutting the shape I desired, and then folding the fabric in half, sewing down the side and along the bottom. You can use any easy sack/bag-making tutorial for this. There's no need for anything really complex, but it should be made with extra length because you will need to knot it which will shorten it. I then applied the same aging spray painting and bloodying process to this.

Finally, the sack had foamboard spikes and hooks that I cut, which got spray-painted with a metallic silver and then spattered with a mix of fake-blood and glue. These were then hot-glued to the bottom of the sack.


The knapsack was cut from foamboard. I then hot-glued on EVA foam with the embossed metal-looking side to get that grate pattern for the exterior. I've seen the Bethesda's official costume and it uses the exact same method to get the grate pattern. The spikes for the backpack were made with metallic silver spray painted foam board. The backpack is worn using belts that loop through supports on the back-pack. There were also real hinges used on the backpack to make the top parts flip open. I was able to throw lots of things into the backpack during the con or other events so it was useful to carry anything I didn't want to put in the sack!

The helmet was made with the same foam-board and EVA foam process, only using the flat upper side of the EVA foam this time. This was spray painted, and then I made the bolts from little wooden bolts from Home Depot that were spray painted silver. Hinges were added to the helmet, and tentacles made of liquid-latexed women's leggings/stockings stuffed with tissues. There is a wire on the inside of each tentacle, so they can be bent any way one might prefer.

The hammer was made just from foam board with no EVA. The smaller sized one you see in most of my photos was the 2nd version, though I may still make a 3rd version, since I plan to remake most of the major parts of this cosplay as it was made so quickly. The hammer was free-handed while kind of looking at the 3D Model for reference ideas.

Finally the barbed wire was made using a string and white-glue/elmer's glue tutorial which can be found here:

I hung it doubled-up in a shower so it didn't matter if it dripped, then used a single sting covered in white glue to make the little barbs, and trimmed the ends with scissors as suggested. Then it was spray painted with copper spray paint and hot glue-gunned to the hammer, helmet, and backpack.

Finally, the boots were bought for $10 at a thrift shop and covered in fake blood mixed with liquid latex in order to get it to stick to the rubber. Not sure if any of the pics captured this well, but I will try to take some to show this part.


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