Weyland-Yutani Scientist

Alien Movie Franchise



I needed something quick, easy, recognizable, and work appropriate for Halloween at the office, and this struck my fancy. Even if people don't recognize Weyland-Yutani as the sociopathic corporation in the Alien movies, the basic idea of "scientist, probably amoral" will come across. I ended up pulling it together in time for GeekGirlCon.

I made minor alterations to the lab coat (basically, just shortened the sleeves because I am a runt).

The Weyland-Yutani ID badge and patch were purchased from eBay sellers.

The goggles are just eye protectors that I got a while back for weed-wacking. *G*

The red blouse was repurposed from my Kanoe costume. The black skirt and boots are regular work clothes.

I put googly eyes on the plushie facehugger because, really, who can take a plushie facehugger seriously? (For anyone interested, the plushie was purchased from an Amazon seller. You can also get a plushie chestburster!)


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Series Alien Movie Franchise
Character Weyland-Yutani Scientist


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