The Boss/ The Joy/ Voyevoda (Civil)

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

@The Boss


You may think "What? Boss doesn't have a civil outfit!"
She HAS one! You see it in the codec sequences if you're an addicted MGS3 player, then you'll see it and know where it is shown.

I choose a bright shirt and black top because in the codec picture it looked like that. I choose a NON pure-white shirt because it just looked like it's not plain white.
The pants are my own decision too, since you don't see it in the pictures. I guess she'd wear olive drab BDU pants because hell.. it just suits her character.

I wanted to make a shooting years ago but never found the time for it sadly.
Now here it is.


@The Boss
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Series Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
Character The Boss/ The Joy/ Voyevoda (Civil)
Variant Codec Scene civil outfit


supergeekgirl I remember seeing this and being like, "Hey, Mikhail. What do you think THAT outfit looks like in color?" It looks like what I wear to work every day.