Chris Redfield

Resident Evil 5



I wore this costume for the NYC Halloween 2010 Parade. My friends and I just missed the 2010 Comic-con or else we would've worn it there. Most of the gear were found online. The shoulder holster is a Blackhawk Load Bearing Holster, I found that to be the best fit for the costume instead of a normal holster. Everything else was pretty much what you see :D


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Series Resident Evil 5
Character Chris Redfield


Strichkeks Man... you're AWESOME! The best Chris i've ever seen!!

Spartan013 your arms make me want to cry in terror....I LOVE IT!!!!

XMishapenHeartX CONGRATS DUDE! you are the first chris cosplayer that has the same epic melon arms! KUDOS

-KRM- Dude, you rock as RE5 Chris. You have the melon arms! :D