The Red Queen ~ Iracebeth

Alice in Wonderland (Tim Burton)



I still need to tweak the bodice next Halloween to fit a bit better, but it's mostly done as of now.

I don't have a lot of photo's of this costume due to events and gather being delayed during the Saturday. And I missed an opportunity for photos this past Halloween.

Wig(s) Talk:

The wig worn to FanExpo was 6-hour last-ditch marathon effort of merging 2 NewLook Angela 750 wigs in Henna Red that despite expanding in the back still didn't cover my hair above my ears. ^_^;
It's technically my second wig for my costume and is retired since I tried my best to build height with the full skin top, but there are limits.

This costume will be worn again with the new wig I finished; photos are posted of the new modified wig and updated crown. It's the Red Velvet Lady from Forever Young and is on the small side. The Final modified was expanded, and a widows peck added. The colour is unique to the wig and is a cooler tone version of Henna Red so that the shade does not match in wefts. I ended up ordering another one to expand the wig. >_<

Makeup Talk:

I got so many compliments on the makeup despite my brows not being perfectly flat (so annoying, every glue stick I could find was to dryer than usual and a bit lumpy to work with).

The White was Mehron's Clown White Lite, and it's perfect and cheap! I set the base layer of white with Talc baby powder, but you can use cornstarch as well and loaded my face up with it including the lips.

The eye makeup I used Make Up For Ever's Flash colour in #0 - Turquoise, but you can also use their #20 - Pale Blue and the reason is these shades intensify the final powder blue you are going to use on top to set the grease paints. I used a loose powder mineral eyeshadow over a pan eyeshadow in the lightest blue I have. The powder darker and becomes more vivid once you pack it on so need a colour three shades lighter then you want. Any fall out I wiped away with a fan brush along with the extra Talc powder that I loaded up on.

The brows were drawn on with a liquid line along with the beauty mark. I also used the liquid liner to line my top lash line with a very thin line, and I should have gone bolder.

I used a white eyeliner pencil to fill in my waterline.

The lips I used Make Up For Ever's Aqua Lips in 08C - Red and it didn't budge or flat all day.

I had false lashes but forgo them this time and just loaded up my natural lashes with mascara. The lashes I would have used was Ardell's 116 BLACK which is similar to the ones used in her makeup for the top, but if you want more dramatic go with 102 DEMI BLACK or 104 BLACK. I could not find lower lashes in store, so I bought a pair of 108 DEMI BLACK and trimmed out the short hairs to leave the long wispy ones similar in style to the ones the used in here makeup.

Pearls which were super cheap found in one of the Stores along Queen St. fabric district in Toronto. They are plastic and lightweight. (glass one are VERY heavy ^_^)
The rest is from
All the metal is gold plated including the Filigrees. O_o The rhinestones are the mix of Glass and Plastic, the larger ones and rounds are plastic.

Fabric Talk:
The hardest fabric to find is the brocade skirt fabric. I ordered mine from or Gypsy Caravan or Big Daddy Gypsy Caravan as I've come to remember it by.

RANDOM NOTE: No the dress is not missing a gold heart. They left the center top one off intentionally in the design. I look odd to others, but I think they did it as she is missing a heart for others.


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Series Alice in Wonderland (Tim Burton)
Character The Red Queen ~ Iracebeth


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Ammie The details in this costume are INSANE!!! You did a wonderful job on this, from the make up and wig, right down to the dress and every little detail such as the crown!!! Wow, this is the best Red Queen I have ever seen *__*

KyasarinUriruzu Amazing work! All your effort in details is really paying off. More pics! XD

Geb_Geb lol I already comment 2 pictures of this costume but....i'm just so impressed by it! amazing job :)

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QuiteVile This is all kinds of fabulous

Shappi Oh wow, you did such an epic job with all the details! Stunning!

Mohmoh great costume!

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