Kagamine Len

Vocaloid 2



All but the pants , boot and wig are constructed by me. The necklace is made by first bending wire into shape, and added clay to empathizes the curves. Then I used hot glue gun to create the little bumps at the end. And lastly it was painted black.


I've always been a fan of the Synchronicity series~ So when I had to decide on a costume for our trip, I didn't have to think twice to pick synchronicity. I had hoped for akie to be my Rin but that flew out the window....

I wanted to get sunrise/sunset pictures, the whole time we were there the weather was beautiful, but as soon as we began to shoot, it started to drizzle OTLLLL (It got so bad that we had to abandon my Chibitalia shoot OTLLLLLLLLLLLLLL)

Also, I was in the worst condition EVER. Remind me to stop putting makeup on in the wilderness ever again.


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Series Vocaloid 2
Character Kagamine Len


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