Love Machine

Summer Wars

@Mahato Shey-Kun
Completed in 3 days, I was pretty happy with the end result.

I still want to make the giant key ring, floating sun and staff but that's for another time. I also want to repaint the helmet and necklace.

The helmet and necklace are cardboard, the body paint was liquid latex body paint that I've used in my TWEWY cosplays. LOVED the pants, haven't felt that free since my Piccolo cosplay so jumping around for martial arts poses was really fun and natural.

Thanks to my friend Dan for helping me paper mache the mask; I'd never have finished it in time if not for that.

And much love to my darling Koria for helping fort the photos and helping me remove the latex after ;__;
@Mahato Shey-Kun
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Series Summer Wars
Character Love Machine
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