This idea came to me when I was working on a now scrapped Dawn idea. The two were going to share the corset, and it was going to be exclusively this look's. Then I realized that it wouldn't work for this and changed my mind again.

I love Arda Wigs. And when I saw their Ferrari, it screamed Dawn to me. I got it in Dark Copper Red and haven't done a thing to it. Although I am considering straightening it. Eventually....

The corset is a wonderful black underbust corset from eBay. It's vegan leather, but it looks and feels like real leather. It looks amazing! Underneath that I'm probably going to be wearing the shirt that I got to use for the corset originally. It's going to be sleeveless, mainly because the fabric on the sleeves were used on the first corset. It's really dark gray with a neat skull design in black on it.

I bought a nice rose from Jo-Ann's. The only problem is that it's not wired the entire way up. I am going to try using some fashion tape to keep it in place. The chain I also got from Jo-Ann's. After a lot of thinking, I decided to simply put a clasp on the end and let it just hang around my wrist. I may try putting some wiring into it to give it some structure, eventually.

I'm simply going to wear my skinny jeans with it. And to finish it off, the Laces and Lace boots from The Pyramid Collection.


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