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Tsunacon is held in winter, and the past two years it snowed a lot! The theme for 2012 is youkai, so I got the idea to cosplay Yukina.

The first thing I did was try and order a wig, but after waiting for over 4 months it never arrived. So I got a refund and ordered a new one, which I had to cut and style. I went for a wavy wig in order to give more volume to her ponytail, and straightened the sidelocks using the hot water method. I really love the colour of this wig! <3

I made her kimono using the Simplicity pattern as a base, but the pattern is different from Yukina's clothes in some aspects, so I'll had to design stuff like the obi and the red... thingie she wears underneath, myself. I'll be wearing this in winter, so I made an entire undershirt to get the red edge along the neck and sleeves. The entire kimono has lining too (also for extra warmth), which was really difficult to sew! But at least I won't freeze to death at the convention this year. ^^

For her shoes I have geta which I bought in Japan with my Yukata, and matching white tabi socks. ^^

I had no idea how to make her hair ribbon at first, but when I started by making those icicle-shaped thingies out of the same fabric as my undershirt, I managed to figure it out. I just sewed them into a piece of fabric that can be tied around the ponytail with a ribbon. I have to wear a normal hairtie underneath it though, or else it doesn't stay in place.

This costume was probably the most difficult thing I've ever sewed, but it was really fun and I learned a lot from it! =D

At the con itself... I was only recognized by like, 1 person... &gt;__<;; And there weren't any other YYH cosplayers besides my friend who I'd dragged along as Kurama. XD But it actually did snow, so it was awesome doing a photoshoot outside! =D


I got to wear this again for Animecon 2015, and this time I'd actually managed to gather a small Yu Yu Hakusho group! It was awesome getting to take some pictures with other characters. =D


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MikoBura You look beautiful!! ^^