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What was originally just supposed to be my Halloween costume has turned into something greater when my friends all said I actually look like a guy!

Edit: 1/27/12- I did a lot of re-vamping! I got a coat that's actually Black (Though it has strange ruffles down the front, so we're going to ignore those XD) some really kick*ss new boots that look more like the ones he wears and full access to my friend's violin. Sadly I am out of Black Ribbon at the moment (Hence my fancy purple bowtie) but Overall, I feel pretty good about this cosplay. Next my Friend who cosplays Gwindel (who just so happens to be our group makeup artist and photographer) and I are going to tackle more realistic ways to do the scar!

Edit: 9/21/12-So it turns out, I'm actually getting an Opportunity to wear Kohaku to a con, which means...More revamping! I've already taken those ruffles off of the coat :D and I'm almost done doing the bias tape around the vest, and I'll get a picture when I do. I've also gotten some more Black ribbon for the tie and I'll have a better scar and some fake guns with me this time. Unfortunately those "Kick*ss new boots" that looked just like his have fallen apart from over-wear, so they need to be replaced, and I sadly no longer have access to the violin. When I'm done with all my changes, I'll get more pictures.

Edit: 2/13/15-Almost three and a half years later, I'm still wearing this. I finally learned to do my own makeup.


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Santana Cosplay Love the violin! You look really cool in this.

ChocoboxDreamer Though I am not familiar with this character, it still looks very awesome! Love the violin. <3

KitoCosplay I swear, with your facial features, you look like one of my friends lol

mentokjebus This is a great new addition to your lineup! It looks like the costume fits you well!