This is my first personal foray into bondo and large scale sculpting, and utilizing vacuforming and laying fiberglass.


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Last Updated 7 years ago
Created 8 years ago
Series Thor
Character Loki
Variant King armor


tierza89 this.... is the best best thing ever.

RobinDragonryde .....this is really random, but were you at Dallas Comic Con this year? You look JUST LIKE a Loki I saw there, so....

Nightwitch-Kat Omg soooo hot! Why are all the hotties in the US???

lostjuly oh goodness let me die, this is so brilliant. and you met tom! so amazing, wonderful costume, beautiful job

cereza This is so awesome I wanna die. Congratulations, Loki.

wyrdsister That second helmet is a major improvement! It looks ace, groovy, Like the new set of pics too :D

Adeena Love this! Amazing job!

slarson802 wow this is perfect! great job!!