Card Captor Sakura



My first cosplay ever. Not satisfied with it, and hot as hell.


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Series Card Captor Sakura
Character Kero


DollFacedDude @Devika: (Sorry, I don't know how to reply properly on this thing >n< ) Oh good, it's serving its purpose. :D Any way, the mouth was made of a mesh so I could sort of see out of it, but not really. For the most part I just relied on Sakura to guide me. @katx: Thanks for snapping us! We appreciate the love. 8 D

PinkWonder Oh my god! :O This is great! It really looks good, you should be proud of this. Good work.

Devika It makes me so happy when I look at it! But... How were you able to see anything?

katx Nice costume! We took pics of you at the con :)