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I sadly had to retire this on it's first wear, because the Gourd caused a permanent injury to my shoulder. I had to wear it for about 13 hours and by that time, I was fairly ready to take that off. XD
Budget Cost: 27$’s (not including wig)

Suiting fabric: 3 yards (half off sale, 3.49 per yard)

Blackboard fabric: 1 yard ( 50% off, 2.50 a yard)

Chicken Wire Poultry: 1 roll (8$)

Modge Podge: 7$

*+*+*+*+I strayed a little on the gourd’s design…please take note that I textured it due to personal taste. *+*+**+*+*

(suiting fabric and scrapped twill)
I made the pattern from a shirt and added an extension. Wish it was a tad longer but the concept art kept changing. And I thought the opening in the front was cut asymmetrically, so I am not sure if that's correct either.

~The trench coat has a zipper, which I found out does not break apart at the bottom but whatever.

~The scarf is knit ponte

(blackboard fabric, broad-board, and cushion interfacing)

I treated this like I would a real vest. I put a lining and stuffing inside.

~The vest was painted with interior paint.

From closet

(scrapped suede)

I made the pattern myself. I ended up having to stuff them with newspaper (not seen in these pictures) to keep them from sagging.

(knit/ spandex blend)

I followed this tutorial:

I followed this tutorial:

I went for a more textured approach as I wanted the gourd to look more like wet sand. I read that Gaara’s gourd is made of sand, so it seemed interesting to go that approach rather then making it smooth like an actual Gourd. *lol*.

~I did a Paper Mache (paper towels, construction paper, and newspaper for extra sturdiness) and used sanded grout to go over the paper mache (and for the gritty texture). I used Modge Podge for the glue mixture.

+++I made my own carrying mechanism

Cow Hyde leather was used for the harness. The top harness is sewn to the trench coat and fed through a slit made in the vest (this is to prevent any pulling on the vest.)

It is then connected to a buckle imbedded into the top of the Gourd (which is held with Gorilla Glue...LOT'S of Gorilla Glue)

~There is also a clip in buckle sewn into the bottom the vest to help keep the Gourd side ways and balanced.

I printed blown up images of the seal and Paper Mache onto the gourd.

Reused from my Kallen cosplay. I added a mixture of brown acrylic paint to play down the red.

The wig was cut and styled with cutting razors and shears.

Difficulty: 4/5

1.) I had to redo my gourd a total of 2 times, before I settled on my 3rd attempt. The first I did with plaster and ended up being 9 lbs to heavy for me. The second I used a paper mache and flower mixture, which quickly began crumbling apart because I didn't measure the amount of flower I was using (cause I hate numbers >.>;). To say the least, this thing was a chore and gave me a lot of heartache.


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Series Naruto
Character Sabaku no Gaara
Variant Kazekage- winter wear


Gummibar Thank you! The makeup was definitely a hit or miss with this one, so I tried my best!

Gummibar No problem! Red is such a great color for Gaara! I think you'll do a great job with that variant! And thank you, I really appreciate it. <3

Gummibar Thank you Pinkprincess! <3

CharmingDevil I appreciate the comment you left for my Gaara cosplay. I really love yours as well. I always love seeing the work that goes into making your own cosplay costume and yours was beautifully done. I wish to make my own one of these days. Keep up the lovely work! :]

Pinkprincess you did so well i love it :)

Gummibar No problem! I love a lot of your cosplays, but I always love seeing Gaara cosplayers. =) Andt hank you, I really appreciate it!

Choci ^^ thank for your comment to my gaara but your variant is really cool too ^^ i love the symbol and the cosplay, your one of my favorite gaare here ^^