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My friend was doing a Guilty Gear group with some friends at GeekKon and I wanted to join in - I chose May for her awesome bubbly personality and Johnny Love <3 I wasn't a big fan of her orange/black combo, so I chose to use some fabric from my own stash to save a ton of cash. The whole thing cost me about $12 total - I love it!

The buttcape/apron was really easy to pattern and make - the bias tape was all hand drafted and ironed. Choosing a thicker fabric like target/twill was a good idea for the tape, it kept its' shape and helped the buttcape flare out.

The hat was layers of felt, cardstock, elmers glue and covered in cotton fabric. I cut out a curve at the base to help it sit on my head easier and sewed some hair clips in the sides to grab onto the wig. I initially had a "ponytail" to go with the blonde wig, but I had to make it by hand - it ended up looking sorta junky once I glued it to the hair clip, so I didn't wear it.

The bootcovers took me about 3 hours to draft, sew, and glue. They consist of cotton fabric with two layers of felt underneath to help keep shape and stand up. They were hot glued onto the top of the soles and stay in place really well. The soles were just painted with thick white fabric paint.

The armor was made quickly the night before as I had procrastinated - they're just little pillows sewn and stuffed, then I drew on the symbols with sharpie :P I was really pressed for time and didn't mind too much. I hope to remake the armor into a stiff 3D shape next time I wear this.

The anchor was a prop my dad and I worked on together - it was a fun project and I had a nice time doubleteaming it with him. He taught me the basics of using the powertools like the bandsaw and belt sander. Its a simple cut-out shape, but I'm cool with that - I was pressed for time and worked great. It also collapses at the base to make it easier to transport - just unscrew and go!

The rest like the shirt and tights were thrifted - cutting the sleeves off the shirt was really easy and was probably the quickest part of the costume haha.

I had a nice time in this costume - I hope to get some photoshoot pictures done in the future.


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