Kain Highwind

Final Fantasy IV



Should probably post a little info about Kain. This costume was put off as unfinished for Otakon, until I found out last minute that the FFIV group lost their Kain (twice!) and I did a rush job finishing it.

There's a lot of detail you just can't see. My armor actually has a dragon scale etched into it. I used multi-faceted paint so it's purple or blue depending on where you view it from (because I couldn't decide which pain job I wanted)

There's also a lot of unfinished mess like my shoulder work (this was a test run that I quickly painted). I completely skipped the armored shoes because I knew I would never get through them in time. Same thing with the knees since I wouldn't have time to form coat and paint them. I also left my red rope for the spear at home, much to my annoyance.

In any case, I plan to do or redo the knees, shoes, spear and chest piece.


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Series Final Fantasy IV
Character Kain Highwind


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