Prince Zuko

Avatar: The Last Airbender



Prince Zuko's royal armor, worn on ceremonial occasions during his stay in the Fire Nation early in Book 3.
Everything you see was handmade. I started with some natural undyed leather and white silk. The flame details were stamped into every square inch of the armor, taking about 14 hours. The studs covering the brigandine took about the same amount of time to set, using pliers. The armor was soaked in warm water, shaped to my body, and baked at 180 °F to harden it. It is real, functional, historically authentic leather armor.


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Series Avatar: The Last Airbender
Character Prince Zuko
Variant Royal Armor


shotzgoboom Sorry it's taking me so long to respond to you, I don't get on here much. This is a beautiful costume! You obviously took a lot of time to focus on the details, and it really shows! Nice work! And props for working with real leather! That's awesome!