Shizuka Hio

Vampire Knight



I'd been wanting to cosplay as Shizuka for some time (despite my instincts as a Zero Kiryu cosplayer wondering why, lol) and figured that it would be perfect for a Matsuri. (She's just so pretty!) So in the month and a half before BBG's Sakura Matsuri, I put together this in between classes.

Shizuka was pretty research intensive as I attempted to figure out what kind of Kimono Matsuri Hino had put her in. In addition, I decided that if I was going to make a Kimono I was going to try to make it as authentic as I could in terms of pattern design. Shizuka consisted of two Furisode Kimonos, one purple underneath and one silver white on top. The silver-white Kimono had a double collar so to speak, with one white and one teal color to it as well. I also made a purple Obi and dark pink Obijime. I wore authentic Japanese socks for her as well when I was walking around, but she is technically supposed to be barefoot, so I try to be barefoot if I can for her and shoots. The wig I cut and styled myself as well as made her hair ties. On top of that, I did my own make up and wore fake long silver-white nails when I go as her.

I wore this to both the Brooklyn Sakura Matsuri in 2012 and to Otakon 2012. Both times were super fun and I had a blast getting photos with everyone. She's far from retired, so hopefully this spring I'll be able to do a few shoots for her. Hope you like it!


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Series Vampire Knight
Character Shizuka Hio
Variant Furisode Kimono


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